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Every picture is a registration of what is happening  during a fraction of time and this registration  becomes related to a certain date and time, a moment, a certain event.  In everyday life we tend to associate what has been happening to certain pictures, although most of the time nothing special is happening in those picture, nothing so differently it would be the ultimate registration of an important moment. These kind of pictures have, contrary to pictures taken for photo journalistic purposes, in many cases just a very personal symbolic value.  And as long as a person or a group can associate them with certain recognisable elements or what has been happening, the date, hour, … we can put it on a time line we constructed ourselves: a string of images, ‘this was a visit to …”, “this is the birthday of …”, “this is picture taken somewhere in the week my father died …” It is a construction, not always visualised as such, but it helps in creating a personal history.  We tend to see it as a tool that helps us recollection events, sometimes it even gives a certain importance to what is/has been happening : “we need some pictures of this because it is a special event” could also be reversed: “it is a special event because there are pictures of it”.  It might be an interesting tread of thought to see how the proliferation of digital pictures in our everyday life is altering this now.

We all know the feeling of opening a box filled with old pictures. It is like opening a box full of what could be considered as precious moments. But all these elements are here separate landmarks, events that have happened and ended somehow. There seems not continuity in it.  So does this also intensifies our awareness of the shifting of time? Because we never seem to remember things as one solid picture.  We think back of what has happened in fragments, bits and pieces, not as well composed images that seems to make us aware of time itself. The reverse happens: we see a picture again and than start an association but the picture is most of the time not the association itself.  Maybe we construct time as a collection of fragmented elements and not as whole images. 

In this picturre I made I try to merge different fragments into one image. If fades into one another like our memory is merging all this to one recollection I have to a visit to Madrid.  But I have constructed this recollection of course myself. But by seeing this I get another stream also of recollections than I would have got without this picture. This is now how I try to get the awareness of the shifting of time into my pictures.

Here some other ones


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  1. mooi concept, mooie uitvoering.

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